Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A bit of calligraphy

I have to admit that my calligraphy has rather taken a back seat recently - other things like cards, ATCs and Inchies seem to have taken me over!! Also, I really struggle to produce good small lettering so my pieces tend to be quite large and too big to scan. However, this is a short (and therefore small) piece I wrote recently. I really loved this quote. It was written in watercolours with William Mitchell steel nibs.


Joy said...

Oooh that is so lovely, beautiful colours - I was so amazed at the calligraphy I forgot to read the quote! I was thinking about doing a course as my writing is so poor but I think my calligraphy would be poor too. Going look at the quote now xx

AngelaC said...

Thanks for your comment Joy. If you would like to learn calligraphy then try it! You will find that it has nothing to do with your handwriting - it is more like drawing shapes with a pen. I often think that since I started calligraphy, my own handwriting has got worse!

Chris said...

This is a gorgeous piece, Angela. Those calligraphy courses are certainly paying dividends - maybe I should go on one too. :-)

PS Your handwriting is lovely too.