Monday, 24 January 2011

Upcycled bookmarks

'Upcycling' seems to be the buzz word at the moment! My local library has a group that meets regularly for a coffee morning and an activity of some sort and I have done craft projects with them several times. They have asked me to come back to do something in a few weeks' time so I have decided to do making bookmarks using recycled materials. I have been making a few examples to take along and here are three that I've made using stamping. I've used old greetings cards for the base card on two of them and some corrugated card from an old box for the third. On two of them I've used paint swatches to stamp onto.


Chris said...

Fabulous, Angela. Your ladies will enjoy making these.

Hope you're well.

Netty said...

Am sure they will have a great time making them Angela and love your examples. Annette x

daisy said...

These are beautiful Angela. Sounds like a lovely group to belong to.

Whilst passing, did you know that the Make a Moo challenges are back up & running again?

daisy xx